Why do all foods need to be added with food additives?

I believe that many people pay special attention to the date of production on the food packaging and what food additives are used in the food when purchasing various foods. We all know that foods that are naturally not processed by many processes are the safest and healthiest. But the packaged food we usually buy in the supermarket is filled with some food additives. In most people’s eyes, it seems that if the food is added with food additives, the food is not healthy. Is this statement true? Why use food additives in food?

In fact, when it comes to food additives, this kind of thing did not just appear in recent years. As early as in ancient times, food additives have appeared in China, and China has naturally become the first country in the world to use food additives. For example, we often say that the brine is tofu, which uses the salt-halogen food additive. Only when this kind of thing is used, the soybean milk can be solidified into tofu. For example, the alum, which was invented by people in the Southern Song Dynasty, has been used as a good helper for frying fritters. It can be seen that food additives are not as horrible as people think. It is precisely and due to food additives , the taste of food will become better and better. Like sweeteners, this kind of additives make food sweeter and have better flavor.

Since food additives have such a large role, why do people still reject them? That’s because some bad businesses are blaming. The food additives produced by some merchants do not meet the national food safety standards. Once added, the substances will threaten people’s health, such as melamine and Sudan red. , lean meat and so on. Therefore,we shouldn’t blame on food additives of making our health in danger , the responsibility should be borne by unscrupulous businesses enterprises.